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Ukraine – NATO: vision-2030

Discussion “Ukraine – NATO: vision-2030” was held on February, 9, organized by the National Interests Advocacy Network ‘ANTS’, Anticorruption Action Center with the support of a Chair of the Ukrainian Delegation to PA NATO.

2021 sees Ukraine’s 30th anniversary of its renewed Independence as well as a change of presidency in the USA. Renaissance of TransAtlantic Relations is needed to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s security challenges which requires strengthening NATO as a powerful military, political and global Alliance.

On February, 7 of 2019 Ukrainian Parliament incorporated into the Constitution the foreign policy priority and strategic goal of Ukraine – to become a member of the EU and NATO. Ukraine clearly chose to move away from its Soviet past and the Russian sphere of influence and to take its place in Europe and join the Euro-Atlantic community. With its abundant resources and significant potential, Ukraine can become a successful country, leading other countries of the region by its example.

During the discussion the keynote speaker Gerry Connolly, President of NATO PA, addressed the issues of Ukraine-NATO 2030 agenda: common security challenges and mutual reinforcements: “2021 is an important year for Ukraine as you celebrate 30 years since Ukraine regained its independence. This anniversary reminds us of many hard struggles Ukraine went through under the Soviet Union’s repressive regime. Independent Ukraine is paying the hard price for the choices it has made. And all of us have to stand firmly by your side to defend your freedom to choose your future.

We’ve made very clear we will never accept Russia’s forcible and illegal annexation of Crimea and we will continue to condemn its active destabilization of Eastern Ukraine, the daily violations of the ceasefire and ongoing human rights violations in illegally occupied territories.

Further reforms in Ukraine remain vitally important. Ukraine must make continuous progress fighting corruption, strengthening the rule of law, democratic control of security services, reforming the economy. Obviously, this has to be done for Ukraine’s and population prosperity, but also because it is the best defence against Russia’s interference and your best response to Russis’s authoritarianism”.

Rasa Jukneviciene, Member of European Parliament, President of NATO PA (2018), Former Minister of Defense of Lithuania: "Two years ago, the principle of Euro-Atlantic integration was introduced in the Constitution of Ukraine, it was really very important step forward and I am sure that in my lifetime I will celebrate your membership in NATO. Today is the right time to speak about the status of transatlantic relations as such. It is not only about Ukraine, it is important for countries like Georgia, like Ukraine and the whole region.

There should be no more dreams that Putin will change and that Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok is possible with this regime. That is why a strong common transatlantic policy is needed today more than ever.

The future of Ukraine is one of the most important cornerstones here. Because without Ukraine Putin and Kremlin cannot build own empire. Today we see that Belarus is no longer a guaranteed member of the Kremlin alliance. Therefore, in order to have peace in Europe, we must support the nations that are striving for democracy and freedom".

Yegor Chernev, Head of Ukrainian Parliamentary Delegation to NATO PA: "We see that Russian federation is trying to enhance their power in the Black Sea region and we'll have to react on this, not only Ukraine, but the NATO. It should be the common action and maybe some new platform with the cooperation with NATO.

Also, we have to renew our relations with NATO-Ukraine commission on the high level. It's actually blocked right now and we can’t move forward. And the most important thing is the receiving of the Membership Action Plan (MEP) for Ukraine.

We clearly understand that receiving the MEP for Ukraine is not only about our homework. We do this homework and I am definitely thinking that we will adopt all the needed laws about security service, about intelligence service (already adopted), about the state secrecy. Actually, MEP is political decision and it should be adopted by the parliament of the allies. We understand that would have to organise bilateral communication and relations with all the members of NATO to understand what exactly we have to do from our side to achieve our MEP".

Philippe Michel-Kleisbauer, Member of French Delegation to Parliamentary Assembly of NATO: "Through my trips to Ukraine, I see the population on work and on progress. I hear about all the progress you do. With my colleagues we travelled to Donbas and saw disaster with our own eyes. This motivates my work in the Committee for the next three years. Integrity of Ukraine has to be reached again - no other way. I am very optimistic that we will succeed. Ukraine’s destiny is with NATO and I'm very optimistic about our future".

Oksana Yurynets, Professor at Lviv Polytechnic University, Head of Ukrainian Delegation to NATO PA ( 2018-2019): "During the last few years, the proactive position of the NATO PA clearly enables the change towards attitude to Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration. Amendments in the Constitution of Ukraine is also movement in the right direction. For the first time in a history of our state it has become a clear course towards NATO.

The next important step is adoption of the law on reform of the security service of Ukraine. As the head of the Parliamentary delegation of 2018-2019, I am grateful the current head for continuing the Euro-Atlantic course. This is important signal for consolidation of partners within mutual cooperation. Ukraine should be ready to implement the strategy of Euro-Atlantic integration on all levels, including local government. Ukraine will become the member of NATO as it is the only right way".

Please see the broadcasting in English, in Ukrainian.

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